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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Emmy's are Coming, The Emmy's are Coming...

As some of you know, I am a happy active member of the TV Academy, and as a voting member of the TV Academy, I take my duty seriously.  So, for the past few months, I kept receiving all these wonderful gifts from Showtime, HBO, History Channel, ABC, NBC, FX, etc.  Every day when the door bells rings, it was like Santa Claus was at the door.  When I opened the door, there he was, the mailman, handing me another brown box and I would open it like a kid on Christmas Day and behold inside, there would be this Colorful box with screeners of many many shows.  And, I would allocate as much time as possible between auditions, coachings, consulting, and classes to watch all of them and some were not just two or three episodes, some were entire seasons.  I just would watch Entire seasons like Mr. Selfridge, starring Jeremy Piven who I met on Entourage and in Mr. Selfridge, he was truly a Mr. a Gentlemen, showing acting skills and then when the Netflix Box came, Orange is the New Black.  I had no idea how good the show was and the day that I put that DVD into my player, ready to watch oh, maybe 2 episodes, I found myself 13 hours later, wanting to subscribe to Netflix, so I can watch the next season, wow, what a show.  Truly a leading edge, majestically written and performed new golden age TV show.  And then, after all my hard work I had the joy of proudly casting my vote for all these shows.  Thank you TV Academy.

Thank you TV Academy for giving me the opportunity to cast my vote on many new shows, it was an honor and a privilege. I look forward to the 25th!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Me on TV!

Hey TAXI BROOKLYN Fans, if you missed me as Laura in 

Luc Besson's new NBC  series, you can catch a clip from Episode 4, "Precious Cargo" here