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Thursday, October 2, 2014

I Believe in Miracles!

I Believe in Miracles and I can tell you why!

I went through a little time this year were I felt down, attached to what was NOT Happening in my career, measuring myself by the amount of TV shows and Feature film credits on my resume and feeling disappointed, frustrated and sad around how hard I felt I HAD to work.  Well, that "Stuck" place was not serving me and I know when I appreciate what it, what I want shows up even faster so I knew who to call on ASAP.

A Miracle Worker.  A true angel, a prayer warrior, a peacemaker, who specializes in tapping (EFT) out those yucky unconscious beliefs that never serve and are not mine to believe EFT and someone who can lead me through a hypnosis session that feels as good as a full nights sleep.  Someone who gets it, has been through it and is ALWAYS working on improving herself and knows just what to say to get me to see the light.

 This Miracle Worker is Jaime Kalman of Inspired Healing and Awareness.

I have been calling on Jaime's healing services for a few years now and as an actress in a pretty crazy business and as a spiritual being who constantly wants to improve, I will call on her again and again.  I will share, (for those who want to hear the quick fix).....I did see miracles after just one session.  Wow.  The amount of love, light, laughter increased in my life, the amount of people (angels) who showed up to help me increased, my heart opened to unexpected good, my awareness of gratitude expanded (and I thought I was already grateful enough, lol) and I BOOKED an acting role on a new TV series.

Here's to miracles happening for YOU because if it is possible for me, it is possible for you.
I pinky promise!