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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Number 1 Question to Ask Yourself

I just got off the phone with a coach named Chris Atley, who reminded me the number 1 Question to ask myself this year...

Want to know what it is?

The question to ask yourself is “If I could do Anything this year, what would that look like?”

I read my goals every night before I fall asleep and they are more than just goals, they are little visions that fill up about 5 pages worth of writing, filled with colors, sounds and tastes so when I read them out loud to myself I feel myself in the place of receiving them already happening.  After all, the universe does not know the difference.  I have been reading them every night before bed since January 1, 2015 and already amazing benefits have come forth this year.  But I recently received a little quiet voice say to me, “What if these goals are not BIG ENOUGH.  My goals are about my acting career and there are many goals related to Guest Star and Recurring roles on TV shows but not one goal is about a Series Regular role.  I went out for a series regular on a pilot yesterday and it got me thinking.  Am I limiting myself by not dreaming big enough?  If I could do anything this year, without worrying about the HOW, it would be to book that series regular role and be working 5 days a week on set.  Woohooo!  Just writing that even feels good.  So, my recommendation for you this week is to ask yourself the question, IF I COULD DO ANYTHING THIS YEAR, WHAT WOULD THAT LOOK LIKE?  What would I LOVE?

Have fun creating that vision for yourself  and then read it every night before bed…let me know what happens in 30 days….(I got a good feeling for you)